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Would you like to spend four full days with Linda Parelli? Would you like to be coached by Linda with your very own horse? This is a unique opportunity for students in the northeast to learn, be coached and inspired by an inspirational leader who understands life from both the horse and rider's point of view.

Parelli Master Class NH

Linda Parelli Master Class NH

July 12th - July 15th, 2019

Tuula Pihlajavesi


My name is Tuula and I am attending this clinic with my horse Pax. a 14-year-old Friesian gelding. My first “real” encounter with an equine was when I had just turned 40, and now I am 50. I moved to the US eight years ago, and somehow life kept telling me I should be around horses. Pax is my first horse, we met by fate in 2013 and the rest is history. No, I didn’t choose the breed, he just trotted into my life; so many mistakes, so much of learning by and from mistakes, so many happy moments of pushing the envelope! I know that we could have gotten SO much further if I had grown up faster… I have lucked out by having skillful horse people around us. To start with, I didn’t know the parts of a horse even in my native language, and a hoof pick sounded like a tooth pick to me. We have attended multiple clinics within natural horsemanship and that has given us a lot of basic skills that I wish I would have known when I first got into horses. Well… we all have our own paths, don’t we? I am honored to be accepted to attend this clinic and I know Pax and I will be able to learn a lot more; but also, we might be the couple that teaches the audience something, just something little, to someone. I sure wish we will. I don’t have a long list of accomplishments to post out, I only have us to wear on our sleeves. That’ll have to do. 

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