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Would you like to spend four full days with Linda Parelli? Would you like to be coached by Linda with your very own horse? This is a unique opportunity for students in the northeast to learn, be coached and inspired by an inspirational leader who understands life from both the horse and rider's point of view.

Parelli Master Class NH

Linda Parelli Master Class NH

July 12th - July 15th, 2019

Amaris Weller


I came to natural horsemanship and the Parelli program much like many others, I finally had an a BIG behavior issue that I didn’t know how to solve from the saddle. I have been riding since the age of 6 and competing in dressage and eventing since the age of 12. I thought after 25 + years of riding and competing horses that I had a good understanding of horsemanship and horse “training”. I learned quickly that I needed a new bag of tricks and tools and that there is so much more to horsemanship then I previously believed. I feel very blessed to have found Sandy Hodskins, and a community of knowledgeable and thoughtful horseman/woman, who have guided my horse and I on our way. Almost 3 + years ago I had a rearing horse, who didn’t trust or like me, and now I have a horse that seeks a partnership and a connection. I have learned a lot about myself as a leader, a partner and communicator. There is so much more to learn on the journey back to the competition ring, but I finally feel that my goal is back in sight. I have worked really hard with Monte, my 8 y/o TB cross, to be ready to ride in July with Linda,  and I am so excited to continue to expand my tool box and my relationship with my horse. My partnership with Monte has been challenged many times but each time we come out stronger and smarter; which is a true reward.

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