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Would you like to spend four full days with Linda Parelli? Would you like to be coached by Linda with your very own horse? This is a unique opportunity for students in the northeast to learn, be coached and inspired by an inspirational leader who understands life from both the horse and rider's point of view.

Parelli Master Class NH

Linda Parelli Master Class NH

July 12th - July 15th, 2019

Jamie Satenstein


My Parelli journey began at the World Horse Expo in Maryland when I caught a level 1 pack (original version) which Pat tossed into the audience. I had just bought a new horse and together we fumbled our way through Level 1, then it took 9 years, through the ups and downs of raising a family and career, to officially pass Level 3. My dream was to develop our partnership through Level 4, but 2 years ago, while in Virginia for some lessons with Michael Alway, my horse suffered a catastrophic field injury and had to be euthanized. It was through this misfortune that my current horse, Pilot, came to me. Pilot was Michael's horse in his colt start class with Pat and, although Michael liked him enough to buy and bring him home to Virginia, he spent the next few years as a pasture ornament while Michael focused on his other horse and teaching. Pilot needed a human and I needed a horse so he came home with me. Going from LBI to RBI has been humbling! Pilot and I spent most of the first year playing on line. I felt that I needed help from a professional with the riding so over the winter while I was moving from Pennsylvania to Vermont, Pilot stayed with Avery Gauthier. Now that I feel safe riding, we are progressing well and I am looking forward to the amazing opportunity of learning with Linda and Patrick. 

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