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Would you like to spend three days with Linda Parelli? Would you like to be coached by Linda with your very own horse? This is a unique opportunity for students in the northeast to learn, be coached and inspired by an inspirational leader who understands life from both the horse and rider's point of view.

Parelli Master Class NH

Linda Parelli Master Class NH

June 23rd - June 25th, 2017

Andee Heffler


Andee HefflerWife, mother, Interior designer, owner of Tunnel Farm in PA., Coolstance horse food distributor, and horse enthusiast for 19 years. The first 8 years were in the hunter arena, the last 11 yrs. have been practicing Parelli. I am a PARELLI instructor currently on LOA and studying dressage with my 6 yr. old Oldenburg gelding, Mojito, (aka Mojo). I am an avid learner and will forever be a student. I try to be the best horsewoman I can be, for my partner and myself, and always try to stick to my principles. I've studied with Linda twice in her masterclass in Florida and am looking forward to spending time with her again as well as meeting my fellow clinic mates. This is our first trip to N.H. and we are excited to be coming!


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