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Would you like to spend three days with Linda Parelli? Would you like to be coached by Linda with your very own horse? This is a unique opportunity for students in the northeast to learn, be coached and inspired by an inspirational leader who understands life from both the horse and rider's point of view.

Parelli Master Class NH

Linda Parelli Master Class NH

June 23rd - June 25th, 2017

Linda Steinberg


Linda SteinbergLinda Steinberg, mid-life crisis equestrian. Got my level one in the red box the day my first horse arrived just about 9 years ago and I have never looked back. I now own my own beautiful equine facility in Cape May, NJ. You can see it on FB Horsemanship4Life. I am a certified body worker thru Masterson Method as well as finalizing my education in Cranial Sacral work for horses. Learning about horses thru the Parelli program gave me a leg up as I could understand the responses of the horse before I even got my hands on them.  In the spirit of all around good health for horses I also sell the Equine Plus Feed line which has no fillers and the supplements are human grade designed by a patented bio chemist.  I am bringing my beautiful Hana, an Andalusian/Lusitano mare. She has her own mind but with the proper leadership will partner with me and when that happens life is amazing. I could never have done this without the Parelli program and the support that is built into the system. I have been to the Ocala Parelli center twice with horses, the last time in a master class with Linda Parelli in 2016. 

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